Two Factor Authentication

Feature-request: Two-Factor authentication for member management via Mobile-Tan.

This is a required feature to further enhance security to ensure that the very sensible member-lists are not accessed from an unauthorized third party.

Hi @Thimotheus, thanks for you input.

Two factor authentication (2FA) would make a lot of sense. We have some people who can access personal data of tens of thousands of people.

Security is discussed often, but actually 2FA never came up. I doub’t that this will be a priority for use right now, but we will discuss it in the community. I opened an Issue on Github:

cya, Roland

@Thimotheus We are in talks wit a potential client, that would need 2Factor Authentication. So stay tunes. Maybe we might include it next year.

Is there an Update?

Potential Idea integration of something like yubikey

Forging roles for 2fa/secure authentication
So every person with more access needs that.

Sadly the potential client went with another provider. We will inform ourselves if we really have a problem in the EU if we don’t provide a possibility.